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Is Rec Room available on PS5?

Yes! You should be able to download and play Rec Room on PlayStation 5. Furthermore, you are able to play Rec Room using a PlayStation VR headset that is connected to a PlayStation 5, provided that you have the camera adapter. [See more information about this here. ][1] At the moment, there are no specific enhanceme…

My PSVR tracking is not working correctly

If you find your PSVR tracking is messing up occasionally, you are able to recalibrate your individual controllers + headset in-game, without having to leave the game. You can do this by opening your watch, going to **settings**, **advanced**, and in that page you should see a button called "**Diagnostics**". Feel f…

Why can't PSVR players use the Streamer Cam?

Unfortunately, the PS4's and PS5's technical specifications and/or software restrictions prevent us from implementing the streamer camera feature on this platform.

How do I find my friend?

Looking to meet up with your friend who just joined Rec room? * If you know your friend's Rec Room name you can search for them in the watch menu under People > 🔍 (Magnifying Glass Icon.) * Create a friend code! You can do this by opening your Watch > Code (Located at the top) > Friend > Create. Give this code to…

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