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All textures appear invisible, pink, or corrupted

If all of the textures in the game appear pink, invisible, or are experiencing major artifacts, you may be running the game with an unsupported chipset, or your graphics card drivers may be out of date. If you are seeing this issue and are using Nvidia or AMD GPUs, please see their respective driver pages to update y…

Starting the game on Steam prompts a "allow game launch" dialog box

![][1] If you're seeing this box appear when attempting to launch the game in Steam, follow this guide to fix the issue. 1. Please try re-installing or verifying the game files. Once it has finished installing, restart Steam by quitting the Steam client here. Then just open up Steam again. ![][2] 2. Right click Re…

How do I find my friend?

Looking to meet up with your friend who just joined Rec room? * If you know your friend's Rec Room name you can search for them in the watch menu under People > 🔍 (Magnifying Glass Icon.) * Create a friend code! You can do this by opening your Watch > Code (Located at the top) > Friend > Create. Give this code to…

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