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How To Create Subrooms

## **What are Subrooms?** SubRooms are individual rooms that can operate under a single parent room. They will also share room stats with the parent room. An example of this would be paintball; Paintball is a room however it has several subrooms, one for each map. ![][1] Subrooms will always inherit their parent r…

How do I recalibrate my height / playspace on PSVR

Hold down the start button to recenter your playspace. This should also buzz your watch and ask if you would like to do a full height recalibration as well. If you would like to navigate to a full recalibration manually you can do so via the watch menu > Settings > Experience > choose Recalibrate Room. If you can't g…

Custom Rooms Tools and Tutorials

Learn the basics by checking out our tutorials: ### **ROOM BUILDING BASICS:** * [**How to create in Rec Room using the Maker Pen!**][1] **- Beginner** * [**How to customize your Dorm Room**][2] * [**How to use the new Snap, Move, and Scale tools!**][3] * [**How to make a pumpkin!**][4] * [**How to Crea…

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