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I can't load into my Dorm Room or Clubhouse Spawn

The primary reason you may not be able to enter your Dorm Room or set clubhouse spawn is because something in the room is preventing Rec Room from being able to load. In the event that you find yourself in this sort of scenario, we have a way to reset your spawn location upon login into a default Dorm Room. _**Discla…

I keep getting kicked to my dorm room for AFK when I am wearing my VR headset

If you're finding that you're being kicked to your Dorm Room for AFK when you are: * Using SteamVR * Using either a Windows Mixed Reality or Valve Index Headset (although other headsets may also be affected) * Have already tried cleaning the proximity sensor in the middle of the headset that detects when it is …

Why was I kicked to my dorm room?

There's a variety of reasons you can be "kicked back" to the Dorm Room. You'll usually get a message on your watch telling you why you were sent back. ## Reasons you may have been kicked to your dorm * Connection interrupted (usually [Code -1/-2][1]): Something in your connection to the internet or with our server…

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