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Parent's Guide for Rec Room

## Parent's Guide The parent's guide page includes a lot of information for parents/guardians to know when letting their children play Rec Room, as well as procedures for both Juniors (Children 12 and under) as well as non-Juniors (Children 13 - 18 years of age). [To see the parent's guide, click here!][1] [1]: …

Can I log in to my account on another device?

Some quick notes on how the account system works: * You can log in to your Rec Room account on any system (PlayStation, Xbox, iOS, Oculus, Steam) by entering your email or username and your password. * There's an option to "remember this account" in the watch menu > Settings > [Advanced][1]. This option is check…

Junior Accounts

Junior accounts are for players 12 years of age and younger. If our moderation and evidence systems detect underage activity on a non-junior account it will be converted to a junior account. You have two weeks to complete your appeal of a junior account conversion before it becomes permanent. To appeal, please complet…

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