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I'm unable to purchase tokens/RR+ on PC screen mode

## PC Screen Mode Issues If you go to purchase tokens but are not receiving the checkout prompt by Steam to finalize your purchase, this is usually an issue with having the Steam overlay off. To enable the Steam overlay, [please see this help article from Steam Support.][1] If you're still not able to purchase token…

Creator Compensation Program FAQ

## What is the creator compensation program? Players that meet the requirements may apply to cash out their tokens for real money. ## Who can participate in the program? In order to qualify you must: * Have at least 1 million tokens earned from selling inventions and keys to other players * Have an active Rec …

Tokens that I purchased on PlayStation don't show up on other platforms

If you purchased tokens on PlayStation, you must spend those tokens on PlayStation due to Sony policies. For example, if you currently have 500 tokens and you purchase 2,500 tokens on PlayStation and then switch to play Rec Room on another platform, your total token count will still display as 500 when playing on a n…

How do I unsubscribe from Rec Room Plus?

You can cancel Rec Room Plus in the following ways. Keep in mind that you have to cancel it on the platform that you currently have it enabled through. ## Index: * [In-game][1] * [PlayStation][2] * [iOS][3] * [Steam][4] * [Oculus][5] * [Xbox][6] * [Android][7] * * * ## **In-game:** 1. Open your watc…

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