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VR Gestures

### **Thumbs up Gesture** The thumbs up gesture can be used to [cheer other players][1], or simply as an extra level of expression. To do a thumbs up, pull the trigger on your controller to make a fist, and then hold your hand in front of you horizontally, after a short period of time you will do a thumbs up gesture…

How do I drop things in VR?

If you're holding something which sticks to your hand, like a ping pong paddle, microphone, or a maker pen, you can release it from your hand by pressing: * PSVR: Square or Triangle button * Oculus: Y or B button * Vive: Menu button * Index: B button * WMR: Menu button For a full review of the different bu…

I keep getting kicked to my dorm room for AFK when I am wearing my VR headset

If you're finding that you're being kicked to your Dorm Room for AFK when you are: * Using SteamVR * Using either a Windows Mixed Reality or Valve Index Headset (although other headsets may also be affected) * Have already tried cleaning the proximity sensor in the middle of the headset that detects when it is …

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