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I want to sign out of all devices

If you need to sign out of all devices that you have previously logged into, follow these steps: **1. Visit [][1] and log in using the account credentials that you want to sign out of all devices.** **2. Click your profile on the top right to visit your profile. ** ![][2] **3. Click the Settings wh…

Can I log in to my account on another device?

Some quick notes on how the account system works: * You can log in to your Rec Room account on any system (PlayStation, iOS, Oculus, Steam) by entering your email or username and your password. This will work on a friend's system, at a VR arcade...anywhere! * There's an option to "remember this account" in the wa…

Player log / log files

### Log Files If you report a crash or bug we may ask you to send us a log file. Here’s how to do that. _**Log files can only be gathered by PC players. **_ Open a new window and navigate to the hard drive where you have installed Rec Room Once you have your hard drive selected, ensure you have view -> hidden files…

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