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I need to report inappropriate content

If you wish to report a user specifically and not an invention/room/club/event, [please see this article here. ][1] ## Index * [Reporting Inventions][2] * [Reporting Rooms][3] * [Reporting Clubs][4] * [Reporting Events][5] * * * ## ## Reporting Inventions If you find an inappropriate invention, you can r…

Requirements for posting on Rec Room's feedback board

Your feedback is important to us. We try very hard to keep the discussions on [][1] focused and productive. We ask that you help us keep canny managed and organized by following a few rules when you're writing posts. If you don't follow these rules, we may merge or delete your post. You can also check …

How do I report another player?

### Reporting If you encounter a player who is violating our [Code of Conduct][1], please use the [Stop Gesture][2] if playing in VR. You can also click on their name that appears above them to quickly bring up their profile page on all platforms. Finally, you can also go to the People tab to find their name and clic…

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