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How do I report another player?

### Reporting If you encounter a player who is violating our [Code of Conduct][1], please use the [Stop Gesture][2] if playing in VR. You can also click on their name that appears above them to quickly bring up their profile page on all platforms. Finally, you can also go to the People tab to find their name and clic…

How can I become a Volunteer Mod/Rec Center Mod

Current Status: **Not Accepting Applications** ## **Applying to Become a Volunteer Moderator** We occasionally open applications when we are looking for players who are both involved in the Rec Room community and have a good moderation history and wish to help us on our mission to make Rec Room a friendly and welcom…

Rec Room Code of Conduct

### Code of Conduct All players must follow the Rec Room Code of Conduct: **General:** * Rule #1: Be excellent to each other! * Sexist, racist, discriminatory or harassing language, behavior, or content is not welcome * Do not promote, encourage or participate in illegal behavior * Players 12 or younger …

I want to appeal my ban

First, please read [this article][1] to learn more about your ban. If you have a **timeout** and appeal, staff will review your recent moderation history. Please be aware that this may lead to a longer ban than you have already received, if warranted upon review. If you have a **ban** and appeal, staff will have alr…

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