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How do I report another player?

### Reporting If you encounter a player who is violating our [Code of Conduct][1], please use the [Stop Gesture][2] if playing in VR. You can also click on their name that appears above them to quickly bring up their profile page on all platforms. Finally, you can also go to the People tab to find their name and clic…

I need to report another player

## Reporting a Player If another player is breaking the [Code of Conduct][1], you can report them in game. Please read [this article][2] for more information on the in-game reporting tools. You are able to report an user in-game, as well as report them by submitting a support ticket with us. Please include the follo…

Player log / log files

### Log Files If you report a crash or bug we may ask you to send us a log file. Here’s how to do that. _**Log files can only be gathered by PC players. **_ Open a new window and navigate to the hard drive where you have installed Rec Room Once you have your hard drive selected, ensure you have view -> hidden files…

Custom Rooms Tools and Tutorials

Learn the basics by checking out our tutorials: ### **ROOM BUILDING BASICS:** * [**How to create in Rec Room using the Maker Pen!**][1] **- Beginner** * [**How to customize your Dorm Room**][2] * [**How to use the new Snap, Move, and Scale tools!**][3] * [**How to make a pumpkin!**][4] * [**How to Crea…

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