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Is Rec Room available on PS5?

Yes! You should be able to download and play Rec Room on PlayStation 5. Furthermore, you are able to play Rec Room using a PlayStation VR headset that is connected to a PlayStation 5, provided that you have the camera adapter. [See more information about this here. ][1] At the moment, there are no specific enhanceme…

"Invalid Time and Date" error on login

If you are receive this error upon trying to log in or make an account, it means that the time on your device is incorrect. The fix is to have your device set the time automatically so that it matches the correct time for your region. Please have your device connected to the internet already before applying the fixes…

How do I unsubscribe from Rec Room Plus?

You can cancel Rec Room Plus in the following ways. Keep in mind that you have to cancel it on the platform that you currently have it enabled through. ## Index: * [In-game][1] * [PlayStation][2] * [iOS][3] * [Steam][4] * [Oculus][5] * [Xbox][6] * * * ## **In-game:** 1. Open your watch menu. Click on …

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