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I want to appeal a Discord/Reddit ban

## Appealing a Discord Ban If you are banned from the official [Rec Room discord][1], you are able to appeal this ban after some time has passed. To appeal, please [submit a ticket here][2] with the following information: * Discord name (Formatted like this: _Example#0000_) * Reason why you want to be unbanned,…

I want to appeal my room/invention moderation review status

# Relating to room publishing/saving restrictions: If you are not able to save or publish rooms, this is likely because one of the rooms that you're either owner or co-owner of has been closed down for review due to content that violates our [Code of Conduct][1]. This usually only happens to published, public rooms b…

I want to appeal my associated account ban

_**If you have a regular account ban that was not caused by an associated account, [please see this page instead.][1]**_ The reason that you are banned because of an associated account is because you have either shared your account with another user, or they have shared their account with you. If their account gets b…

I want to appeal my ban

First, please read [this article][1] to learn more about your ban. If you have a **timeout** and appeal, staff will review your recent moderation history. Please be aware that this may lead to a longer ban than you have already received, if warranted upon review. If you have a **ban** and appeal, staff will have alr…

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