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My disc is stuck in a crazy spot in disc golf!

Open your watch, go to This Room > Game and press the "Hazard" button. This will respawn the disc at your last throw point.

All textures appear invisible, pink, or corrupted

If all of the textures in the game appear pink, invisible, or are experiencing major artifacts, you may be running the game with an unsupported chipset, or your graphics card drivers may be out of date. If you are seeing this issue and are using Nvidia or AMD GPUs, please see their respective driver pages to update y…

My custom room won't load!

If you're getting kicked back to your dorm room every time you try to load one of your custom rooms, you can try restoring the room to a previous save. You can do this on by clicking on your profile in the top right, selecting "Rooms," and picking the room you're having trouble with. Open the room settings by …

"Your device isn't compatible with this version" error

![][1] If you are getting the message "Your device isn't compatible with this version" when looking at the Google Play store listing for Rec Room, do not worry. We have not yet finalized device specifications. This means that if you are using a powerful Android device, you may see this message. As a general guidelin…

I've been locked out of my account

This can happen if too many incorrect login attempts are made in a short period of time. Please try [resetting your password][1], and [make sure you have the correct username][2] or email address. The account lock expires after 5 minutes, so please reset your password and ensure you're using the correct username and …

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