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Why was I kicked to my dorm room?

There's a variety of reasons you can be "kicked back" to the Dorm Room. You'll usually get a message on your watch telling you why you were sent back. * Connection interrupted (usually [Code -1/-2][1]): Something in your connection to the internet or with our servers specifically failed. No penalty. * Server inva…

Common Error Codes

Here are some troubleshooting steps for some common errors that can arise when starting/playing Rec Room. If you ever need more help, feel free to [submit a support ticket][1]. * [1039, 1040, or 1041][2] * [-1, -2, or -4][3] * [-5][4] * [Summer][5] * [Notebook][6] * [Pencil][6] * [Locker][7] * [Studen…

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