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Oculus Quest headset view filled with glitches/artifacts

![][1] If you are playing on your Oculus Quest and suddenly it starts glitching out like shown above, the easiest solution is to restart your Oculus Quest. You can restart your Oculus Quest by holding down the power button for 15+ seconds until the device turns off and the Oculus logo appears on screen. When you ope…

When will Rec Royale be available for Oculus Quest?

Unfortunately, we are not able to bring Rec Royale to the Oculus Quest. Rec Royale was created before the Quest was released, and was not built with the Quest's technical specifications in mind. Any new future content will be available on all platforms that Rec Room supports, including the Oculus Quest.

Why can't PSVR players use the Streamer Cam?

Unfortunately, the PS4's technical specifications and software restrictions prevent us from implementing the streamer camera feature on this platform.

Why can't other people hear me?

If you're not hearing anyone else either, then the most likely answer is that your account is a [junior account][1]. You can check this by going to your watch menu > Settings > Audio. If you are on a junior account, you will see a message saying so. If you're not on a junior account, first check that your microphone …

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