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VR Gestures

### **Thumbs up Gesture** The thumbs up gesture can be used to [cheer other players][1], or simply as an extra level of expression. To do a thumbs up, pull the trigger on your controller to make a fist, and then hold your hand in front of you horizontally, after a short period of time you will do a thumbs up gesture…

PlayStation 404 or 403 errors when installing or trying to update

This is usually a temporary error while the PlayStation system attempts to fetch the latest build from Sony's server. Keep retrying over the next 5 to 10 minutes and this almost always resolves itself.

How do I get rid of the PSVR comfort (180°) blinder?

Watch menu > Settings > Gameplay > Tracking mode > slide to 360. Now the blinders will be disabled. Please we aware of your surroundings at all times. Turning your back to the camera may disrupt tracking to your hands.

How do I drop things in VR?

If you're holding something which sticks to your hand, like a ping pong paddle, microphone, or a maker pen, you can release it from your hand by pressing: * PSVR: Square or Triangle button * Oculus: Y or B button * Vive: Menu button * Index: B button * WMR: Menu button For a full review of the different bu…

VR Controls

# List of VR devices * [Oculus Quest 1/2 + Rift S Controllers][1] * [Valve Index Controllers/Knuckles][2] * [HTC Vive Wands][3] * [PlayStation VR Move Wands][4] * [Windows Mixed Reality Controllers][5] * [Oculus Rift CV1 Controllers][6] # More Information * [Gesture Controls (Applies to all VR control…

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