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PlayStation 404 or 403 errors when installing or trying to update

This is usually a temporary error while the PlayStation system attempts to fetch the latest build from Sony's server. Keep retrying over the next 5 to 10 minutes and this almost always resolves itself.

Tokens that I purchased on PlayStation don't show up on other platforms

If you purchased tokens on PlayStation, you must spend those tokens on PlayStation due to Sony policies. For example, if you currently have 500 tokens and you purchase 2,500 tokens on PlayStation and then switch to play Rec Room on another platform, your total token count will still display as 500 when playing on a n…

I had a problem with a purchase

If an error occurred during a token purchase, and you did not receive tokens, or in very rare circumstances were unable to complete the transaction and you were charged, please [email us][1] with as much detail as possible, including the [username][2] of the account you're inquiring about, the platform you were attemp…

Is Rec Room cross platform on PlayStation?

Yes! You will be in the same games as players on Xbox, Oculus, Steam, and iOS! If you would like to opt in to only playing with other PlayStation players, you can find this option in your watch menu > Settings > Advanced. However the only people you will find in this mode will be other PlayStation users who have sele…

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