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Oculus Quest headset view filled with glitches/artifacts

![][1] If you are playing on your Oculus Quest and suddenly it starts glitching out like shown above, the easiest solution is to restart your Oculus Quest. You can restart your Oculus Quest by holding down the power button for 15+ seconds until the device turns off and the Oculus logo appears on screen. When you ope…

When will Rec Royale be available for Oculus Quest?

Unfortunately, we are not able to bring Rec Royale to the Oculus Quest. Rec Royale was created before the Quest was released, and was not built with the Quest's technical specifications in mind. Any new future content will be available on all platforms that Rec Room supports, including the Oculus Quest.

Is Rec Room cross platform on PlayStation?

Yes! You will be in the same games as players on Oculus, Steam, and iOS players. If you would like to opt in to only playing with other PlayStation players you can find this option in your watch menu > Settings. However the only people available in this mode will be other PlayStation users who have selected this optio…

VR Controls

_**Control**_ _**HTC Vive /**_ _**Windows MR**_ _**Oculus Rift S + Quest**_ _**PSVR**_ Teleport / Walk1 / Fly Trackpad A / X Move button **Drop item / Detach Watch / Expresso / Point Gesture** **Menu button** **B / Y** **Square / Triangle** Grab / Use / Select (laser pointer) Trigger Trigger / Grip Tri…

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