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I'm not able to purchase tokens on Screen Mode via Steam

[Please see this article for more information. ][1] [1]:

I'm unable to purchase tokens/RR+ on PC screen mode

## PC Screen Mode Issues If you go to purchase tokens but are not receiving the checkout prompt by Steam to finalize your purchase, this is usually an issue with having the Steam overlay off. To enable the Steam overlay, [please see this help article from Steam Support.][1] If you're still not able to purchase token…

Is Rec Room cross platform on PC?

Yes! You will be in the same games as players on PlayStation, Xbox, Oculus Quest, Android, and iOS players. If you play on PC via Steam or the Oculus launcher, you will always connect to cross play lobbies by default.

Steam Launch Problems

If your game is crashing before you even get to the start screen, shortly after landing to your Dorm Room, or it consistently crashes after a few minutes, it's likely your installation is corrupted. You can try these steps to get it working again: * Verify your game cache. Right-click Rec Room in your Library, go t…

I keep getting kicked to my dorm room for AFK when I am wearing my VR headset

If you're finding that you're being kicked to your Dorm Room for AFK when you are: * Using SteamVR * Using either a Windows Mixed Reality or Valve Index Headset (although other headsets may also be affected) * Have already tried cleaning the proximity sensor in the middle of the headset that detects when it is …

Is Rec Room cross platform on PlayStation?

Yes! You will be in the same games as players on Xbox, Oculus, Steam, and iOS! If you would like to opt in to only playing with other PlayStation players, you can find this option in your watch menu > Settings > Advanced. However the only people you will find in this mode will be other PlayStation users who have sele…

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