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What happens when I submit my payment information to age verify?

To process the fee in the age verification process, we use a secure 3rd party service to process this payment called Stripe. ([][1]) You can read their privacy policy [here.][2] In short: We do not store any payment info or process any payments through our own servers. Once you have age verified a…

Privacy policy

You can find the Rec Room privacy policy [HERE][1] [1]:

Custom Rooms Tools and Tutorials

Learn the basics by checking out our tutorials: ### **ROOM BUILDING BASICS:** * [**How to create in Rec Room using the Maker Pen!**][1] **- Beginner** * [**How to customize your Dorm Room**][2] * [**How to use the new Snap, Move, and Scale tools!**][3] * [**How to make a pumpkin!**][4] * [**How to Crea…

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