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Tokens that I purchased don't show up on other platforms

If you purchase tokens on PlayStation, you must spend those tokens on PlayStation due to Sony policies. For example, if you currently have 500 tokens and you purchase 2,500 tokens on PlayStation and then switch to play Rec Room on another platform, you will only be able to spend the 500 tokens. However, if you go bac…

Starting the game on Steam prompts a "allow game launch" dialog box

![][1] If you're seeing this box appear when attempting to launch the game in Steam, follow this guide to fix the issue. 1. Please try re-installing or verifying the game files. Once it has finished installing, restart Steam by quitting the Steam client here. Then just open up Steam again. ![][2] 2. Right click Re…

PlayStation VR 404 or 403 errors when installing or trying to update

This is usually a temporary error while the PSVR system attempts to fetch the latest build from Sony's server. Keep retrying over the next 5 to 10 minutes and this almost always resolves itself.

Why was I kicked to my dorm room?

There's a variety of reasons you can be "kicked back" to the Dorm Room. You'll usually get a message on your watch telling you why you were sent back. * Connection interrupted (usually [Code -1/-2][1]): Something in your connection to the internet or with our servers specifically failed. No penalty. * Server inva…

Oculus Home Install/Update Errors

If you're getting an error from Oculus Home when trying to install or update Rec Room, you can try the following: * "This is commonly a permissions or security issue. You might want to try disabling anti-virus and (if that doesn't work), reinstall the Oculus app to a better folder with proper permissions (for examp…

Common Error Codes

Here are some troubleshooting steps for some common errors that can arise when starting/playing Rec Room. If you ever need more help, feel free to [submit a support ticket][1]. * [1039, 1040, or 1041][2] * [-1, -2, or -4][3] * [-5][4] * [Summer][5] * [Notebook][6] * [Pencil][6] * [Locker][7] * [Studen…

Steam "Corrupt Content Files" Issue

If you're getting an error from Steam that says "corrupt content files," here's a few things you can try: * Verify your game cache. * Right click Rec Room in your Steam Library, go to the Local Files tab, and click "Verify Integrity of Game Files." Then try to launch the game. * This could be the result of …

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