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Screen Mode Gestures (Quick Comms)

Screen mode players have access to a variety of gestures and emotes via the quick comms menu. On PC these can be accessed by pressing the corresponding 1, 2 ,3 or 4 keys. On Ps4 they can be selected by using the D-Pad.


Point Gesture

The point gesture can be used to access another player's profile. To do this, press the point gesture key (1 on PC, up on the D-pad on ps4) and then point at another player, you will then receive a prompt to see their Info, pressing the key will open up their profile. 

From here you can explore their profile, you can also use this to quickly cheers or report another player.



  1. High five - The high five gesture can be used to give a high five to another player, screen mode players will receive a prompt to return the high five. 
  2. Party up - Similar to the high give gesture, this will allow other screen mode players to accept the party up prompt.
  3. Make Friend - Use this gesture to add other players via a  hand shake.
  4. Wave - A friendly wave, useful for greeting all those awesome players!



The emotes category has 4 separate emotes for all those emotional moments:


  1. Happy - Let your friends know how happy you are with this emote!

  2. Sad - Nawwww, Don't cry! unless you want to, in which case use this emote!

  3. Laugh - Perfect for a little giggle!

  4. Angry - Grrrrr! The perfect grumpy emote for when you just can't score that basket in the Rec Center



  1. Open Chat Menu - The chat menu is a quick and easy way to type a message to all the players around you, the message will appear in a small text bubble above you.
  2. -
  3. -
  4. Push To Talk (Toggle) - This option is only available if you have push to talk enabled, It will act as a toggle so selecting it will toggle your microphone on or off.


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