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How to Create or Join Events
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What are events?

Events are a fun way for players to unveil their new custom room, get a group of friends together to go on a quest or just celebrate something fun! You can join or create custom rooms in-game or via

How to Find/Join Events

Events can be browsed both in-game and via On on the top bar you can select events, this will show you all the upcoming, popular and events you may be attending. In-game you can open your watch and click the events button to also list all current events. When you find an event you wish to attend you can select it and then choose whether you are going, interested or not going.

Once the event has started you will be able to join it through the event tab, this will take you to the event location.

How to Create Events

Creating an event in-game can be done through the events menu on your watch, clicking create event will prompt you to enter all the necessary information about your event such as a name, description, location date, time and the event accessibility. Once you have done this you can hit create and your event will be ready to go!

Events can be created similarly on, navigate the events tab and then hit the + symbol in the bottom right, this will bring up the new event menu where you can enter your event details.

Now that you have created your event, players will be able to join in when the event starts (If the event is set to public). If you need to edit any of the event details, You can do so by selecting your event from the “my events” tab either on or in-game.

You can also invite your friends to join your event, this is important if the event is private. This can be done by selecting your event and selecting “invite friends”.

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