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How to Cheer Other Players

What are cheers?

Cheers are a fun way to reward players who help make rec room a fun and welcoming place. When you find a player who is extra helpful, hosts a super cool room/event or they're a really good sport why not send them a cheer to show your appreciation. 

How to cheer other players

In VR mode you can cheer another player by doing a thumbs up gesture and pointing you hand towards the player you want to cheer. A progress ring will appear around your hand with the name of the player you are cheering, after a second you will get a prompt on your watch for which type of cheer you wish to send them. 

Alternatively if you're not in VR mode or perhaps you're just too cool for a thumbs up gesture, you can send them a cheer by going to the player's profile and selecting the cheer option.

Cheer badges

If you receive enough cheers in a short amount of time you can earn a cheer badge. A cheer badge is a cool icon you can add to your display name  so you can flaunt your awesomeness!  You can earn a cheer badge for each of the 5 cheer categories:

Cheer - The default cheer, great for a quick thumbs up.

Helpful - Can be given when someone is super helpful or supportive to other players .

Good Sport - A great way to say GG after a fun game of paintball.

Great Host - Perfect for when the owner of a custom room or event is being extra awesome.

Creative - If you really enjoy a custom room or see someone making something you really like this is the cheer for you.


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