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What are costumes?

Costumes are custom made outfits that can we worn by players in custom rooms. Costumes are created by adding maker pen shapes to a costume dummy, this will then allow people to wear the maker pen shapes. The costume dummy is made up of 4 segments, Head, body, left hand and right hand: each of these sections can be edited individually Costumes can also be saved as inventions and uploaded to the invention store for others to download and use.

Spawning a costume dummy:

A costume dummy can be spawned from your maker pen while in your custom room. To spawn a dummy grab your maker pen, open the maker pen menu and then open the maker pen palette.
On the palette menu go to Props -> dynamic -> costume dummy.
You can now spawn and place your costume dummy.

Creating a costume:

There are 2 ways to add maker pen objects to a costume dummy;

The first way is to use the edit function on the maker pen and then select a segment of the dummy. This will allow you to draw shapes and they will be automatically added the selected dummy segment.

Alternatively shapes can be created before hand and then added tot he dummy, this can be done by using the "configure" tool and adjusting your maker pen shapes to be "Sticky", then you can stick the shapes to the dummy. This will send a prompt to your watch which will ask you if you wish to merge this shape with the chosen dummy segment. 

Wearing your costume:

To wear your costume you simple need to walk up to it and press "equip", this will then apply the costume to your avatar. To unequip the costume you simple need to hit "unequip" on the dummy menu.


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