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How To Create Subrooms
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What are Subrooms?

SubRooms are individual rooms that can operate under a single parent room. They will also share room stats with the parent room.

An example of this would be paintball; Paintball is a room however it has several subrooms, one for each map. 


Subrooms will always inherit their parent room's name so if you are playing a paintball game on the river map, other players will see you playing "^paintball" (the parent room) and not the subroom (River). However the actual room you are in will be "^Paintball.River" (^Parent.Subroom). 

Using subrooms will help to organise your room and allow you to better track the stats of your room. Players who are owners or hosts will also be hosts/owners in any associated subrooms.


How to Create a Subroom

A subroom is automatically created when creating a custom room. This sub room will be called "home" by default.

You can add a subroom to a different parent room by clicking "Add subroom" in the Subroom tab of the room settings.


How to access Subroom settings?

To access subroom settings you will first need to create a room.

Once you are in your room you can access the settings from your watch menu: This Room -> Settings -> Subrooms Tab


Subroom Settings

Subroom name - Use this to set the name of your subroom, this will not affect the name of the parent room (room names must not contain spaces)
Max Player Count - Use this to set the maximum number of players allowed in the subroom.

Subroom mood - The current mood option will allow you to choose from various sky boxes and room lighting presets without having to use Be sure to use the save option when you have adjusted your settings to make sure they are applied.

Entry room - Having this option enabled will set this subroom as the default entry point when joining from the parent room.
Move Subroom - This allows you to move this subroom as a subroom of another room that you own or co-own.

The following settings only show up if you are currently in the subroom:

Show gadgets to everyone - Having this option enabled will show gadgets/circuits to everyone. Please keep in mind that this will increase the ink percentage in the room, as showing a lot of gizmos and chips can be performance intensive. You may not be able to turn this setting on if the room is at ink capacity, or very close to it.
Use directional voice chat - Having this option enabled will have the subroom use directional voice chat. This means that you are able to hear people more clearly and loudly if you are looking at them. People that you are not looking at because they may be behind you or in another part of the map will sound quieter.


Managing Subrooms

Subrooms can also be accessed and managed by using the subrooms tab in the room settings. To access the sub room tab open you watch and go to "This room" -> "Settings" -> "Subrooms".

Here you will find a list of all the subrooms, including the main subroom. (It will end with ".Home"). You can change the subroom settings, copy subrooms, or edit the settings of your subrooms in this page. 

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