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How do I report another player?
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If you encounter a player who is violating our Code of Conduct, please use the Stop Gesture if playing in VR. You can also click on their name that appears above them to quickly bring up their profile page on all platforms. Finally, you can also go to the People tab to find their name and click on the report button. You can find this button in your Watch > People > In Room > (Player Name) > Report. After filling out a report and submitting it, this will also block and mute the player by default. (You can turn this off if you'd like).


Blocking a player will prevent them from joining any of your custom rooms and prevent you from joining any of their rooms. It will also alert the matchmaking system to attempt to never place you in the same room as this person again when you enter public matchmaking. Matchmaking does not take place when you enter a custom room that is not instanced, when you accept an invite to a specific room, or when you choose to 'go to' a friend in a specific room. 


We encourage you to report any Code of Conduct violations you encounter. This helps us make Rec Room a fun and welcoming place for players from all walks of life and improve our moderation systems. 


If you have questions, would like to report an abuse of the Rec Room moderation system, or are having persistent problems with a given player or group of players, please see this page for how to report players to us directly.

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