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Common Error Codes

Here are some troubleshooting steps for some common errors that can arise when starting/playing Rec Room. If you ever need more help, feel free to submit a support ticket.

Error Code 1039, 1040, or 1041

This error is indicative of a connection dropout between you and our servers. Improving the stability of your connection should hopefully solve the issue.

We also see players receive this error if they have an active firewall or network filtering software. Make sure your firewall, antivirus, or network filters have exceptions that allow all traffic through for Rec Room and the app you're using to run it (Steam, Oculus Home, etc.)

  • If you're on 2.4GHz WiFi, try switching to a different channel. (Consult your router instructions.)
  • If you're on 2.4GHz WiFi, try switching to a 5GHz network instead. (Consult your router instructions.)
  • If possible, switch to a wired internet connection. (This is the most reliable fix.)

If you're using an HTC Vive, the communication between the headset and the controllers may be causing interference with your WiFi network. If this is the culprit, either of the last two options should help.

Error Code -1, -2, or -4

Usually these errors mean that the connection to our servers has been interrupted. This can be due to a firewall or antivirus restricting traffic to and from the app (usually this is fixed by adding an exception for Rec Room) or by packet loss/spotty connections.

  • Do you have a firewall, anti virus, or network filter enabled?
    • Add an exception for Rec Room
      • Google 'how to add an exception on *name of your firewall/anti-virus/network filter*' for instructions 
  • Run this dropped packets, ping, and jitter test: 
    • If you have ANY amount of dropped packets, ping over 200ms, or jitter of over 15ms this may be causing your connection issues and you should contact your internet service provider or check your modem or router hardware
  • Are you connecting from a school / corporate environment which blocks certain sites?
    • Contact the network admin 
  • Where are you located in the world? (some regions have persistent connection issues with our servers) 
    • Known issue locations: Iran 
    • No current solution 
  • Other things to try 
    • Disable any VPN services or network filter / routing 
    • Make sure this is not a global issue with your connection by playing other VR multiplayer games and seeing if you experience the same issues 

If none of the above items help, you can download our connection test package, run it, and submit a support ticket with the output attached.

Error Code "Summer"

Check that your firewall and antivirus aren't blocking network traffic from Rec Room. We'd suggest adding an exception for RecRoom_Release.exe. If you continue to experience this issue, please submit a support ticket letting us know.

This may also be caused by a temporary server outage.

Error Code "Notebook" or "Pencil"

This error likely indicates some server trouble on our end. Check our subreddit and our Discord for any announcements. If our servers are up and you're still receiving this error, submit a support ticket so we can have a look.

Error Code "Locker"

Try adding an exception for RecRoom_Release.exe in your firewall and antivirus. If you're still getting this error, submit a support ticket.

Error Code "Student"

This is likely the result of some server issues on our end. Check our subreddit and our Discord for any announcements.

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