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VR Movement Options
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There are several ways to move in Rec Room. In this articles, we'll discuss the primary movement modes, how to enable them, and where they can be used. For information on exactly what buttons are mapped to which controls for your platform, check out this article.


Comfort options for all movement modes can be found in your watch menu under Settings > Gameplay > Comfort Options.


Teleportation is enabled by default, and is available in most places in Rec Room. To teleport, simply hold the teleport button to cast out the teleport beam, and release the button to move to the targeted location.


There is an option in the watch menu under Settings > Gameplay called "Motion Teleport." The state of this toggle determines whether your teleportation is shown to you as a quick linear motion to the destination, or as a "blink" where the screen fades through black. If you are prone to motion sickness, disabling "Motion Teleport" may improve your comfort while in Rec Room.


Walking is our implementation of a smooth locomotion system. This kind of movement can cause motion sickness, so we encourage you to be cautious about enabling it if you are prone to motion sickness or are new to VR in general. To enable walking, go to Settings > Gameplay on your watch and move the "Walking Mode" slider to select which hand you want to use to control your movement. You can then hold down the movement button on that controller to begin walking. The direction of your movement will reflect the direction in which your controller is pointing.


If your controller has a thumbstick or a touchpad, you can enable "Thumbstick Walk" under Settings > Gameplay. This option will allow you to walk using the thumbstick/touchpad on the selected hand, and you can choose whether the thumbstick axis is relative to the direction of your head or your hand.


Flying allows you to move about freely in the air, and can be exceptionally useful as a creative tool when making custom rooms. Flying is only available in custom rooms where it has been enabled for your game role. (If you are a room owner, game roles can be found on your watch under This Room > Game > Roles.)

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