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HTC Vive /

Windows MR

Oculus Rift S + Quest


Teleport / Walk1 / Fly


A / X

Move button

Drop item / Detach Watch / Expresso / Point Gesture

Menu button

B / Y

Square / Triangle

Grab / Use / Select (laser pointer)


Trigger / Grip


Tap / Select

Physically press hand into menu button

Physically press hand into menu button

Physically press hand into menu button



Push in analog stick

via Expresso / hardware microphone mute

Swipe-rotate (left/right)

Trackpad swipe left/right

Analog stick left/right

X / Circle

Swipe-rotate (180°)

Trackpad swipe down

Analog stick down


Recenter playspace & recalibrate height



Hold Start button


Both grip buttons

Push in both analog sticks

Both move buttons

1Some controls can be enabled/disabled or adjusted from the "Settings" section of the Watch Menu. More info at 

Gesture Controls

Watch Menu

You can open the Watch Menu at any time by looking at your wrist. If "Tap to open watch menu" is enabled in Settings > Gameplay , then you will have to tap the face of your watch with your other hand to open the menu. The watch can be browsed while it is attached to your wrist, or can be detached by pressing the appropriate button as listed above.

Party Up - Fist Bump

To party up with another player, both of you can make closed fists and fist bump each other. The bands of your watch will turn the same color to indicate that you are in a party. When one member of a party travels to a new room, they will be given the option to invite all of their party members to follow them.

Make Friends - Hand Shake

To add another player to your friends list, just shake hands with them! Hold your hands out and close your fists slightly to grab the other player's hand and wait until the gesture completes. You can also send friend requests to individuals from the "People" tab of the Watch Menu.


If another player makes your day in Rec Room great, give them a cheer! Make a thumbs-up gesture by closing your fist and holding it with your thumb facing upward. After a moment, your thumb will go up. Hold out the thumbs-up towards another player and wait for the gesture to complete. Then, select the type of cheer you'd like to send using your Watch Menu. You can also send a cheer to a player from their profile page in the "People" tab of the Watch Menu.

Quick Snap

To quickly take a photo of something, hold your hands out in front of you about shoulder-width apart, with your palms facing each other. Once you see a small camera icon appear in the space between them, pull both triggers simultaneously to summon your camera and take a photo.


The Expresso system allows you to have your avatar display a variety of emotes or some other quick actions, like opening your watch or taking a picture. To open the Expresso Menu, hold out your hand and then press and hold the Expresso button as noted in the table above. Once the Expresso menu appears, move your hand into one of the sections to access that submenu, and then into the section for the item you wish to select.

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