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Forum Rules
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We love chatting with our players and getting feedback. We ask that you follow a few rules when participating to help us ensure that Rec Room is a fun and welcoming environment for people from all walks of life - even outside of VR!

These rules apply to all of our public forums: RedditDiscordSteamTwitter.

These rules are in addition to the standard rules for each platform.

  1. The Rec Room Code of Conduct applies to our public forums. Briefly: Be excellent to each other, avoid sexually explicit behavior, don't harass people, and don't break things or otherwise spoil other people's fun.
  2. Don't witch hunt by naming specific players in a negative light. Example: "[PlayerName] is cheating in paintball!" If you need to draw our attention to a player who is violating the Code of Conduct, please use the in-game reporting system, send us a ticket, and/or PM one of us on Reddit or Discord.
  3. Don't promote or encourage game-breaking glitches, hacks or exploits. Use your judgement, and listen to us when we provide feedback on what's cool and what's not.
  4. Don't flood or spam the forums. Especially #recroom in Discord. This can drive people crazy with too many notifications, and reduces our ability to respond to you. Go easy on the ALL CAPS too.
  5. No impersonating devs, moderators, or other authority figures. It's important that players understand when information is coming from us, so please don't muddy the waters by pretending to be us, a moderator, or authority figure. 
  6. Stay on-topic. We provide these forums to discuss Rec Room with you, so let's focus on that. Occasional digressions are fine. But there's a limit. There are plenty of places on the internet for arguing about [whatever]. Our forums aren't one of them!
    1. Note, this rule doesn't apply to #chit-chat on Discord. You are welcome to go off-topic there, but please continue to respect rules 1-5, and remember the goal is a fun and welcoming environment for people from all walks of life. If things start to get heated, please take steps to de-escalate, and consider moving the conversation to a more suitable platform.

Breaking these rules may result in a kick/ban/block (depending on severity and platform). You may or may not get a warning, depending how busy we are. We are a small team supporting a growing community. We love you, but we may have to ban you if you mess around too much. Please don't make us.

These rules are neither final nor exhaustive - we reserve the right to suspend disruptive users even if their behavior doesn’t fall under any of the above rules directly.

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