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My PSVR tracking is not working correctly
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If you find your PSVR tracking is messing up occasionally, you are able to recalibrate your individual controllers + headset in-game, without having to leave the game. 

You can do this by opening your watch, going to settings, advanced, and in that page you should see a button called "Diagnostics". 

Feel free to click the recalibrate button on the device that is giving you issues. (Left controller, Headset, or Right controller). 

If recalibrating in-game does not solve your tracking issues, below are some pages that provide more info on ensuring PSVR tracking is working properly on the hardware side. If after trying all of the below improvements you still believe Rec Room is performing very differently to other experiences when it comes to tracking, submit a support ticket and let us know more about where and when you're experiencing poor tracking performance.

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