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For forgotten passwords, email changes, and account settings, go to!
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How do I reset my Rec Room password? print icon

If you can't remember your Rec Room password you can reset it here:

If you're just looking to change your password and know your account credentials, you can change your password by signing in through and going into your settings, located on your profile page.


If you are not able to set a new password because you do not have an email attached to the account yet but are still able to log into the account on your device, please follow the steps below to attach an email.

1. Open your watch, and click on your profile button on the top left. 

2. Click the Email button on the bottom right of the screen.

3. Enter the email that you want to attach to your account

4. Check the inbox of the email that you just entered and accept the email confirmation link. Once you've done that, the email is linked to your account! You're now able to reset your password using this page. 


* If you're still having issues or are unable to log into your account to input an email, please send us a ticket here. 

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