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How do I find my friend?

Looking to meet up with your friend who just joined Rec room?

  • If you are friends with this person on Oculus, Steam, or PlayStation, you should be prompted to 'import new friends' from those friend lists each time you sign into Rec Room (if you have a registered Rec Room account on one of those platforms). If your friend loaded into Rec Room before you did, they should get the same alert and be able quickly add you as a friend on their account.
  • If you know your friend's Rec Room name you can search for them in the watch menu under People > Find.

Once you have them on your friends list, you can pull up their profile on your watch menu under People > Friends and either 'invite' them to your location or 'go to' their location. Note that you can't invite people to your dorm room, and can't go to somebody else's.

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