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How do I appeal a ban with an Action Code
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Appealing a ban with an Action Code

If you are not able to sign into your account when going to to appeal your ban, you may use an Action Code in place of your account credentials to submit a ban appeal. 

To appeal with an action code, please follow the instructions below: 

1. Log into the banned account. Go to the wall that has details about your ban. On the bottom right, there should be a button called "Ban Appeal Code". Click that to obtain your code.

2. If you're playing on PC, clicking the "Ban Appeal Code" will open your default web browser with the code already set, so you can start with your ban appeal right away. For most other platforms, the code will show up on the bottom left of the board. If this is the case, go to, and input that code as the action code. 

3. Once you have put in your code, you should see your username and display name on the top left. Please input a valid e-mail address we can use to contact you with to let you know the status of your ban appeal. Then, feel free to type your appeal in the message box. If you have any media attachments like a photo or video that helps with your appeal, we ask that you upload it to a image sharing or video sharing site, and include the link in your appeal. 

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