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I can't load into my Dorm Room or Clubhouse Spawn
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The primary reason you may not be able to enter your Dorm Room or set clubhouse spawn is because something in the room is preventing Rec Room from being able to load. In the event that you find yourself in this sort of scenario, we have a way to reset your spawn location upon login into a default Dorm Room. 

Disclaimer: Saving your Dorm Room while in this mode will overwrite your previous Dorm Room save. Do not do this unless it is a last resort, or you plan to delete your old Dorm Room for other reasons. 

Resetting your Spawn Point

You are able to set your spawn point to the default Dorm Room via our Rec Room social media/account portal 

Simply login using your Rec Room credentials. Go to your profile by clicking your avatar on the top right. Then, click the settings button on your profile page. Under the Account tab, there will be a button called Reset Dorm and Club Spawn



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