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Requirements for posting on Rec Room's feedback board
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Your feedback is important to us. We try very hard to keep the discussions on focused and productive. We ask that you help us keep canny managed and organized by following a few rules when you're writing posts. If you don't follow these rules, we may merge or delete your post. You can also check out this video for more information.

1. Write a clear and descriptive Title -- If you want people to vote for your request, they need to understand what it's asking for. People should be able to read your title and have a good idea what it's about before they ever read the description. "Improve [feature]" or "Some ideas for [feature]" are not descriptive and will likely not get upvotes. Try to use as many "key words" as possible in your title, so that people searching for similar posts can find them.

2. Avoid making duplicate requests -- Before you start writing your request, please use the search feature to see if anyone's requested something that would solve the problem you're having. If you find something that's similar, please do not make a new post. Instead, upvote the existing post. If they're requesting something slightly different, then please don't make a new post. Instead, comment on the existing post with what you would change.

3. Avoid requesting multiple things in a single post -- We need different requests to be separate so that we know what people are voting for, and to keep the discussion focused. If you want to request "Some improvements for PvP," for example, then you should always split your requests into multiple posts like "Increase the range of the shotgun," and "Change the spawn locations." Please never put a bunch of different thoughts into one post.

Important guideline: Please try to think about feature requests as problems and needs that need to be fixed, and not as ideas for things to change! What's most important to us is that we understand what Rec Room players are struggling with, or what they're missing. What we're going to change to solve those problems is up to us, and it's our job to do it in a way that works for the most people! There are many ways to solve problems and to meet needs. Any ideas that you all have to solve those problems is appreciated, but ultimately, we're the ones who are the best trained to find the best way to solve problems. What you all know much better than we do is: what problems exist to be solved!

When we're looking to merge related requests on canny, we ask one simple question: "Are these two requests looking to solve the same problem, or fill the same need?" Two ideas might be wildly different solutions to the same problem, but it's that basic problem that matters most to us, so we want to merge the votes together to see how many people are having that problem--it's much less important to have ideas for the solution.

Proceed to our canny-powered feedback board here:

"A problem well stated is a problem half-solved."
-- Charles Kettering, researcher for General Motors

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