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How do I request the screen/audio share feature and utilize it?
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If you are an educator, teacher, or your company wants to use the screen share to meet virtually, you may instead apply for the screen share by sending us a happyfox ticket here. If you are a regular player, please read below.

Watch the tutorial below for a detailed explanation on how to create a room to spawn these tools in and invite other users to join you. 

Key Info

  • By default, everyone in Rec Room including you can see share screens of other users, but to actually share your own screen you will need to request access below.

  • Once added you will be able to share your screen in-game! Please keep in mind that the screenshare feature only refreshes at 1-2 FPS, so it makes watching videos difficult. This tool is not mean for videos. However, this may change in the future.

  • You are only to share your screen using the screen share monitor in either a private room, a clubhouse room, a meetup code room, or an event room. You are not able to use it in public instances.


How to apply

You may apply to get access to these tools by filling out this form here. 


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