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Can I log in to my account on another device?
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Some quick notes on how the account system works:

  • You can log in to your Rec Room account on any system (PlayStation, Xbox, iOS, Oculus, Steam) by entering your email or username and your password. 
  • There's an option to "remember this account" in the watch menu > Settings > Advanced. This option is checked by default. Unchecking this option will log you out automatically at the end of the session and not store your account in the sign in menu. (Make sure this option is unchecked if you're playing on a device that isn't yours or on a public system, like a VR arcade!)
  • All remembered accounts can be found by clicking "Switch accounts" when starting up the game. 
  • Junior accounts are registered under the email of their parent/guardian's adult account. This makes it easier for parents who also play Rec Room.
    • Junior accounts need to log in using their unique username for this reason.
  • You can manage your account (including resetting your password) on



Never share your account with other users you don't know personally. Rec Room Staff will never ask you for your account information. Besides risking account theft, you also risk token theft, as well as the chance of getting an associated ban. See here for more information.

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