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I lost progress while building with the Maker Pen
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To avoid losing progress when building a Room or Invention in the future, please take note of the following steps. 

1. Make sure that you have "Backup Frequency" enabled. You can find this option by opening your watch menu, going to settings on the top right, and it will be under the last tab "Advanced". 

Note: This page might look differently depending on your platform, but the "Backup Frequency" Slider should be there, no matter the platform that you're using to play Rec Room.

Enabling this option allows for the ability to restore a "Backup" version of the room that you were in prior to being disconnected. You can use the slider to set the frequency of how often you want to automatically save a backup of the room you're currently in from 1 minute to 30 minutes. 

2. Once you have the Backup Frequency slider set to the frequency of your choice, you are able to restore the backup of a room you were working in. You can do this by opening your watch, going to the "This Room" button, hitting the "Restore" option which is the rotating arrow, and selecting the dropdown bar. Not only can you restore from your backup, but you're able to also restore from prior saves of that room. Select the save that you want to load, and hit the blue "Go" button. 

Some notes: 

  • Still remember to save often once you have completed a major milestone in your room! 
  • Mind the timestamps when selecting a save. You don't accidentally want to select the wrong one! For clarity, the saves are labeled. [Latest] is the save that you're currently on. [Backup] is the save generated by setting the Backup Frequency slider. 
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