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All textures appear invisible, pink, or corrupted
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If all of the textures in the game appear pink, invisible, or are experiencing major artifacts, you may be running the game with an unsupported chipset, or your graphics card drivers may be out of date. 

If you are seeing this issue and are using Nvidia or AMD GPUs, please see their respective driver pages to update your drivers here: 

Unsupported Chipsets: 

  • Intel HD Integrated Graphics (Notably, Intel HD 2000, 3000, 4000, and 500 series).


More misc information:

  • Newer Intel Integrated Graphics (Intel 600 series, Intel Iris Plus, and Intel Xe) may work with Rec Room, but we can't guarantee a good experience or 100% compatibility.
  • AMD APU's (w/ Vega 6, Vega 8, RDNA 2) should work with Rec Room. Older AMD APUs (w/ HD 80XX, R6, R7 Integrated Graphics) may work but you may not have a good experience due to their low performance. PC APUs will have better performance than laptop APUs.
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