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Events and Execution Paths print icon

See the Event chips article in the Chips reference guide to learn information about each the Event chips. See the Events reference guide to learn about Rec Room's pre-defined Events.


  • Events are entry points into Circuits V2 graphs. Execution starts at a Circuits V2 Event.

  • You can receive an Event by using the “Event Receiver” chip.

  • By configuring the “Event Receiver” chip you can change the Event it receives.

  • The “Send Test Event” button in the Circuits V2 tab of the palette allows you to send a Test Event if your receiver is configured to receive it.

  • You can create and send your own Events using the “New Event” button in your palette and the “Event Sender” chip.



Circuits programming in Circuits V2 is "executed" when an Event happens, and execution follows a strictly defined path, which depends on how execution input pins and execution output pins are wired together. Execution input pins can receive multiple wires, because they can be part of different paths that start with different events. But, Execution output pins must only output to one other place.


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