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Resource Constraints: Heat, Network, and Ink Usage print icon
  • Heat is the equivalent of Room Ink in the Circuits V2 world.

  • You can see the amount of Heat being used per-frame in the Circuits V2 tab of your Palette.

  • In Circuits V1 we overestimate the cost of chips by assuming they are all running constantly. In Circuits V2 we only calculate the cost of chips while they are actually running.

  • This means that you only see Heat costs while a graph is executing.

  • Branches in execution will also impact how much Heat is consumed per frame.

  • Executing a long branch takes more Heat than executing its smaller counterpart.

  • Heat is calculated per-frame. When you run out of Heat your graph stops executing for the rest of the frame.

  • On subsequent frames execution continues at the beginning of new events, not where it was halted.

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