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  • Synced variables and events are synchronized across other player’s machines.

  • Synchronized variables will replicate value changes to all players when changed by any player.

  • Changes are not guaranteed to happen instantly for everyone. It could be delayed for some players depending on their latency and network connection.

  • You can connect a "Value Changed" chip to a variable chip to detect changes to its value. This is especially useful for synchronized variables.

  • Synchronized events will be received by all players when sent by a "Synched Event Sender".

  • The "Has Authority" chip can be used to make sure parts of a graph only run for a single "authority" player chosen automatically by the Rec Room server to be the main source of “truth” about the state of a Room.

  • Inside a Control Panel, “authority” refers to the player who has control over the specific object the Control Panel belongs to rather than the authority over the Room.

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