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Frequently Asked Questions for Circuits V2
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Note: We'll be filling out this article as people ask us questions frequently!


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After a patch/update that brought more Circuits V2 functionality, one or more of my existing Circuits V2 rooms is broken. Why is that? 

Circuits V2 is still being actively developed and some parts of it is still under labeled as being in beta, and therefore we may overhaul or change some features or specific chips as we continue building them. If we introduce a patch that overhauls or changes anything too drastic, this may have a negative effect on currently existing Circuits V2 rooms. You may need to go back into the room and re-configure some of your circuits for your room to work properly again if it relies on Circuits V2. 


This period of uncertainty is only while Circuits V2 is still being actively developed. We plan to be extra thorough in regards to any drastic changes now that most of Circuits V2 is out of beta so that existing rooms do not break. If we are changing something that may break existing rooms, we will communicate such changes ahead of time.

CV1 was easy to learn, but CV2 feels impossible to learn

CV2 is much more powerful, but a lot more complicated. We're looking at ways of bringing documentation into the game, so you can look at the palette. We're planning on making pre-built inventions and pushing player created pre-built inventions. It's definitely a priority to make it easier. The goal is to make it so that there is only one Circuits system in RR, although we'll make it so that you can still find and use Circuits V1 chips if you really want, we just will not be updating them besides fixing game-breaking exploits if we find any. 


Why are some parts of CV2 still restricted behind enabling beta content?

While CV2 itself is out of beta, we are still regularly adding new CV2 chips and functions. However just to be safe, we are putting new changes and chips behind enabling beta content until we deem them complete. Please exercise extra caution when putting beta content in your rooms, as we may make changes that may break your rooms/inventions for as long as the chips you're using are under beta content. 



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