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Circuits V2 is currently beta content. To access Circuits V2 features of the Maker Pen, you need to be in a Room that's been converted to a beta Room. To convert a room into a beta room, go to:

Watch Menu -> This Room -> Settings -> General Setup

You will see the “Allow Creative Tools Beta Content” checkbox near the bottom of the “Room Settings” tab. Click the check box, then click the “Apply Settings” button below it. Read the prompt and confirm its contents:

“Enabling the Creative Tools Beta unlocks currently in-development tools that are experimental to this room. Using beta content in your rooms comes with the following risks:

  • We may make drastic changes to beta content, up to, and including breaking your creations that use beta content. This gives us the flexibility to make the tools better before full release.

  • Any room that uses beta content forfeits the ability to be entered into official Rec Room creative contests.

  • Currently, beta content cannot be used in inventions. This may change at a later date.

  • Rooms that use beta content will have the tag #beta.”

After the room saves and reloads you will now have access to the “Circuits V2” tab in the palette as well as any additional features in the Creative Tools Beta.

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