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Error 1039/1040/1041

This error is indicative of a connection dropout between you and our servers. Improving the stability of your connection should hopefully solve the issue.

We also see players receive this error if they have an active firewall or network filtering software. Make sure your firewall, antivirus, or network filters have exceptions that allow all traffic through for Rec Room and the app you're using to run it (Steam, Oculus Home, etc.)

  • If you're on 2.4GHz WiFi, try switching to a different channel. (Consult your router instructions.)
  • If you're on 2.4GHz WiFi, try switching to a 5GHz network instead. (Consult your router instructions.)
  • If possible, switch to a wired internet connection. (This is the most reliable fix.)

If you're using an HTC Vive, the communication between the headset and the controllers may be causing interference with your WiFi network. If this is the culprit, either of the last two options should help.

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  • 22-Aug-2018