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I want to change my account's @username
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You can currently change your @username both in-game and through


Changing your @username in-game

You can change your username in-game by opening your watch, going to your profile, and clicking on your @username to enter a new one. 

 Please note that you can only change your username once every 180 days. We will not be able to circumvent this restriction. 


Changing your @username through

To change your @username, please visit Log into your account and navigate to your profile by clicking your profile picture on the top right. 

Find the settings cog icon to go into your account settings. 

Once you have done that, in this page you will be able to change your @username and nickname/display name. While you can change your nickname or the name that people see above your face up to 3 times a week, you can only change your @username every 180 days. Please choose wisely and make sure there are no unwanted characters or spelling mistakes. We will not be able to change your @username for you.

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