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I need to report another player

If another player is breaking the Code of Conduct, you can report them in game. Please read this article for more information on the in-game reporting tools. 

If you are not able to report in-game, you may also submit a report manually. Please send in the following information: 

  • the player's username (please use their unique @username instead of their display name if possible)
  • the approximate time and date of the incident in-game
  • a description of the incident, including any photos, screencaps, or video that you have (you may put this as an unlisted video on Youtube if it is too big to share)

Send this information to the Conduct team here


Please be aware that we cannot verify behavior or screencaps on other platforms such as discord, reddit, or instagram. If you are being harassed on those platforms, we strongly encourage you to use their reporting tools to report the player where the harassment is taking place. 

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