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I need to report another player
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Reporting a Player

If another player is breaking the Code of Conduct, you can report them in game. Please read this article for more information on the in-game reporting tools. 

You are able to report an user in-game, as well as report them by submitting a support ticket with us. Please include the following information in your ticket:

  • the player's username (please use their unique @username instead of their display name if possible)
  • the approximate time and date of the incident in-game
  • a description of the incident, including any photos, screencaps, or video that you have (you may upload videos as an unlisted video on Youtube and provide a link to us if the video file size is too large to attach to the ticket)

Click here to submit a ticket

Behavior Outside of Rec Room

We are not able to take action regarding messages or incidents that happen outside of Rec Room. If you are being harassed or are receiving direct communications from other players outside of an officially supported Rec Room service or public forum, please take action using that platform's moderation tools or report procedures. This includes direct messages on Discord, Reddit, Steam, and other platforms, as well as emails, phone calls, other messaging services, or real world interactions. More resources below:

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